80 Washington Square East, NYU

MFA 1st Year Exhibition

MFA 1st Year Exhibition

March 5 – March 18, 2016


Works by:

Carly Burnell
Stephen Gurtowski 
Billy Jacobs 
Harry Kleeman 
Christopher Lee
Caitlyn McLaughlin
Kaushani Patel
Marz Saffore 
Eric Santoscoy-Mckillip
Gabrielle Vitollo

Large installation view that spans across two galleries. In the very back on the left, in the first gallery is a far away shot of a wooden table. Next to the table, further to the left, is a white pedestal with a black object on top of it. Above the pedestal is a painting that is illegible from the camera's distance from the object. Moving to the right and into the next gallery, sharing a wall back to back with the wooden table from the previous gallery is an orange piece of artwork. Above the work is a smaller canvas in a dark color and on the bottom of the orange is a purple stripe. On the middle wall in the gallery, is a painting of mostly blue, black, and light green colors organized in an abstract geometric form. In the front of these two works is an abstract sculpture in pink and orange. In front of this sculpture is a wooden table with various wooden objects placed around it.
Installation image of two walls. On the left wall is a large square painting featuring many abstract shapes and colors. On the right is a large blue and red square painting that is made up of smaller squares in different shades of blue featuring different images in each square. The canvas looks as though it is glowing.
Installation view of the exhibition featuring a wall with two paintings side by side. On the left, the painting features an abstract figure outlined in black with a dark blue, teal background. On the right, is an abstract painting in pink with large outlines of what looks like hands. In front of the works on the floor, is a sculpture featuring white base on wheels. On top of the white, rectangular base are painted white tubes that lay horizontal while more tubes come out of the work vertically, stacking on top of one another. Rods connect the two poles of white tubes like a ladder. Draped over the rungs are items painted roughly in blue.
Installation view of the exhibition featuring a poster and a wood table with a screen as the surface. The poster states, "Intake/outtake" with paragraphs to follow, illegible from the camera's point of view. On the screen that is part of the table, a figure's hands are shown playing a card game featuring white cards with black writing.
Installation view of the exhibition featuring two walls in a gallery and the hallway that leads into another gallery. On the left wall is a painting of what looks like a red fence in a circle with a swirling beige background. On the back of the fence-like structure is a black vertical rectangle resembling a doorway into the abyss. On the right wall, is a blown up photograph of a outside, backyard shed scene. A plastic chair leans up against a white building next to a door. On the other side of the structure is a grill, foliage, a cooler, and other mix of trash and objects outside on the cement.
Installation view of the exhibition of two walls on either side of a large, three panel window. On the left wall is a very small painting, besides the red and white colors, it is illegible from the camera's point of view. In the center, a large blue square hangs over the window. On the square are black squares and line designs. On the right wall, there is a painting that features a rainbow Apple computers logo. In the front of these works, in the center on the floor, is a small sculpture that features a black and white outline of figures on a small wooden stool.